Monday, 16 March 2015

Stampotique ATC swap

Hi everyone!
Last month I rather rashly signed up to take part in and ATC swap which was being arranged on the Stampotique facebook page.  I normally don't sign up for these sort of things because I find that I just don't end up having the time to do them and I hate agreeing to do something and then having to back out.  But this sounded like so much fun that I couldn't resist!!  We had to create  2 ATC's by swapping around parts of different stampotique stamps!!  Great Fun!!!

'Live outside the box'

With this first one I created the background by spraying inks on the paper then I stamped over it with a background stamp in ink which was a similar colour.  I used 3 of the frame stamps and covered up the original head with heads which I had stamped from other characters as well as adding the crown.  I mounted the background on black card as well as the 3 frames. With them stuck in place I added the quote, a little bit of colour to the figures and some doodling and it was done!

'Love 2 Fly'

With this second one I stamped  and coloured the heart (by France Papillon) then stamped out the small bumble bee and several characters (I'm sorry I cant remember the names of them) I swapped out the head and the legs and put new ones in and then stuck the character to the bee so the wings showed!!  I stamped out 'FLY' and stitched round the edge of the card.  Then it was just a matter of sticking them all down and creating some shadows round them.
I was so pleased with this little guy that I was really reluctant to put him in the Post and send him off to Australia!!!   But he arrived safely so it was fine!!

This was one of the ATC's that I received in return.  
It was made by the Valerie H Wilson who designs for Stampotique Originals and it made me giggle when I saw it!!  I really want the parrot stamp made by Magda Polakaw

This is the second ATC that arrived in the post!! It was made by Lisa Mason and the wonderful colours in it cheered me up on a dreary day!!

I loved receiving my ATC's and seeing what other people had come up with in the way of mixing and matching different Stampotique Stamps.
I definitely would take part again it was so much fun.
How about you have a go yourselves!!


  1. I am so happy you joined and even better that you enjoyed it :) Love your ATC's and the ones you received x


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