Sunday, 28 December 2014

A year of calendar pages 2014

Hi folks I hope you have all had a great Christmas.  Like last year I decided to do a quick recap of the12 months Calendar Journal pages I have done this year, as this is the 3rd year I have managed to keep doing it. As always its a bit surprising when you look back and see what you have created.
I Hope you have enjoyed seeing my efforts and that you have a go yourselves in 2015 if you haven't already started.

I am so glad I have this picture of July because when I did august I made rather a mess on July so its always good to take pictures of your work before you move on!!


If you would like to join in the Calendar journal challenge you can find details on Kate Cranes blog here and you can see the facebook group here.

I hope 2015 is a wonderful, creative Happy Year for you all!!!

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

December Calendar Journal Page

Hi everyone, as you can see I'm very late this month, sorry about that!  I nearly gave up and decided I didn't have time to do it but it seemed such a shame to stop at 1 month short of 3 years doing this project!!!!
So here it is the last one of the year and the my 3 years are complete!!

I bought several plastic fine liner detail bottles a few months ago and I have been using one of them with Golden's black paint to write and add detail to projects but I have been wanting to try them with other thing.  So I filled one of them with masking fluid and used it to draw the words and the grid!  I really liked the way it pooled in places - because the liquid is a little too runny to use in these bottle.
I left that to dry over night.  You don't have to leave it that long but I went off and did other things.
When I came back to it I sprayed it with 3 different colours of Dylusions ink sprays and a little bit of water.  I let it soak in a bit then blotted the rest off.
Next I added some sprays and splatters of perfect pearl mist to give it a bit of razzmatazz!
Then I stamped in each of the squares using aqua archival ink and a snow flake stamp - I didn't use a block with it as I only wanted random parts of the snowflake to print.
Then came the fun bit!! rubbing and pulling of the resist!! its like picking dry glue off your hands - I love it!!! Oh am I the only one who likes doing that??? ...... no I didn't think so LOL!
Next I sprinkled a little bit of Brusho powder over the corners and sprayed that with some water to make it wick out, then dried it with a heat gun.
I stamped and painted the little stampotique figure (I used H2O's to paint with) and cut it out.
Lastly I did a little back ground stamping with a couple of different tree branch stamps and with some words.  I stamped along the top with an icicle stamp and added the old fashioned street lamp.  A touch of H2O paint in the lamps to make them look as though they are lit and the addition of a bit of white for snow and it was almost done.
I didn't think I could do a Christmas calendar page with out adding just a little bit more bling lol!!!
So the old Stickles came out to add some dots to the tree branches as the top and some highlights on the letters and numbers!!!
Finally it was all done!!!
I hope all of your Christmas preparations are going well and that you are not too stressed by all the hustle and bustle.  
I hope you have time for a little Christmas creativity!!!
Have an Awesome month!