Friday, 31 October 2014

Dinas Wakleys Faces Workshop March 2014

I have been very lucky this year in the workshops I have been able to attend.  I have been doubly fortunate in that I have been able to attend 2 lots of workshops this year with the amazing artist Dina Wakley.  One in March and the second just last weekend - as always they were held at AFTH in Harrogate.  In march I did workshops on faces and another on using animals in my work ( I will do a separate post for that day)
I haven't really done much in the way of  drawing faces but I love the faces that Dina puts in her work.
So here are a few of the first attempts - warm up exercises to get in some practise, using unusual tools to draw or paint with or using our non dominate hand.

This one was using one of Dina's face stamps and creating the figure round it!

The more that we practised - the better we got!!
I could really see the improvement from where I started to these last 3 pieces which I was very pleased with.

If you ever get the chance to attend any of her classes I would encourage you to go - you wont regret it!!!
She is a wonderful lady, a great teacher and a very talented artist!
Have a go at faces, its fun once you get started!!
xxxx hugs xxxx

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Mini Journaling with Kate Crane

Hi me again - I know I'm probably going to bombard you with loads of posts now after not having put anything on for ages.  So apologies for this but I have to do them when I have the time and energy!! lol
I was at AFTH on Tuesday to do Kate Cranes mini journaling workshop.  Had a fab time as always with Kate and managed 3 small pages and a handful of backgrounds all ready to add things to them. 
So with no further ado - here's some pictures!!

This one was done in my mini moleskin its 10.5 cm x 6.5 cm - so very small!

Scary clown page done in a vintage notebook I managed to get hold of.  Its 15 cm x 10 cm and is in need of some TLC as its falling together.  Didn't manage to get the purple page done but its all ready to add a figure!

Can you see the Halloween theme run through the pages?!?! LOL!!  The skulls on this page was a stampotique stamp.  All the other images are digital downloads and I think Kate said they all come from the deviantscrap page - which now appear to have renamed themselves mischief circus!!
. This one was done in an artists sketch book 15 cm x 11 cm.

Lastly another couple of pages ready to add some images or stamps.
Had a great - thanks Kate!
xxxx hugs xxxx

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

October Calendar Journal Page

Hi everyone - well talk about being very late posting my calendar journal page!?!?! I was away at the beginning of the month and thought I would do the post then!!! Strangely enough that never happened but as I had thought about it so much I thought I had done it!!! So you can imagine my surprise then I came on here tonight and there was no posting for this month!!!!
OK going to make this short and sweet.
Did the background with Dylusions inks, water and some mica spray to add a bit of glitz!!!
Loved the background!!

I used a down loaded body (from deviant scrap from a seller caller itKuPiLLi) and remove the head.  I added another head and a wig and wings and stamped spiders on the dress.  
I added a load of background stamping - which I totally fell in love with!!
So no surprise - I didn't want to cover it up!!! So I decided I wasn't going to put day squares on instead I was just going to write in lines following the trails on the diagonal!!
So with the month and year stamped on old book pages and the same for the skull, I added a little bit of tape for detail for the figure to stand on and behind the skull and it was done.

As it happens I found I couldn't make myself write on those lovely diagonal lines so instead I have written less than normal and have followed the scrolled lines and wrote round the edge.  You cant see most of the writing so its almost invisible journaling. (the above picture was taken before I wrote on it).
I love it!!!