Monday, 9 June 2014

June Calendar Journal Page

Hi folks - happy June to you all!!
Well I manage to get my calendar journal page done just under the wire this month.  It has been rather a hit and miss project!!
Some people when journaling and doing craft projects have a very firm idea at the outset as to what they are going to do - I'm not one of them!! If I'm lucky I have a basic idea of what I'm going to use or what I'm aiming for and then I just see what happens!  Normally what happens is it goes off at a tangent all of its own and I follow on and am invariably surprised where it ends up.  This months page was even more organic than usual.  The only thing I had in mind was that I wanted to christen my new Dina Wakley heavy body acrylic paints! after that I had no idea!!!
I haven't done any creating at home for a while - apart from my calendar journal pages though I have been fortunate enough to go to quite a few work shops over the last few months.  During that time I have, needless to say, purchased some necessary supplies!! Supplies which I refuse to put away until I have tested them out.  Well the upshot of this policy is my crafting desk is covered in new stamps, paints, stencils etc and I have very little space to work in. 
So I pushed as much of it to one side and put some on the floor so that I could get this page done.
I coated my page in gesso then had to leave it to go and do other stuff.
When I came back to it I rubbed on some of the lush purple and lime green paint from Dina's line (they are so creamy to use - I Love them!) and again I had to leave it.
This was how it progressed over a period of 10 days - I would go into the craft room and try adding some more stuff that was lying on the desk then leave it till the next day!  Between visits I would come up with ideas of what I would do next but by the time I got back to it I ended up doing something entirely different!! So this is a page created in random 10 minute slots - I think its not bad for a totally mash up!

Here is a list of some of the things that I used, Dina's paints, acrylic ink, luminous green, black and purple paint dabbers, mica mist sprays, rock salt, perfect pearls spray, dylusions spray and distress ink pads in mustard seed (for the sun), shabby shutter, and seedless preserve through stencils. Write all pencils in black and green to give the  day spaces more definition.  Stamps for the foliage edge, and some background stamping for texture and the birds and for the June 2014!
I probably used way more than that but I lost track after a while lol!! 
The mountains were created using the edge of a sheet of torn paper and a blending tool and black soot ink pad!!
So for those of you who are way better at planning that I am, you might what to try doing a project this way.  It can be frustrating but liberating and you can amaze yourself with the art that you produce.
Have a great week!!