Sunday, 5 January 2014

Calendar Journal Page January 2014!

Hi every one Happy New Year!!!  I hope it has started off well for you all!
I was lucky enough to spend Christmas and New Year at my sisters in Devon and we finished the year in a perfect way by doing our January journal pages together in her new craft room on the last day of the year!!
It was a great plan and my sister got stuck into doing her page, as she knew what she wanted to do but I struggled yet again.  I didn't really have any firm ideas of what to do (apart from the torn paper day blocks) and working in some one Else's craft space is odd as you don't know what they have in the way of crafting stuff!!!
So I wasted quite a lot of time having a look at what she had and hoping that inspiration would strike, but an hour later and I was still messing around and hadn't so much as dirtied the paper!!!
So taking myself firmly in hand I decided to use some scrap paper and just get some ink layed down!!
So this is what I finally produced!
So to get me started I did the sheet for the day spaces, I inked, stenciled, stamped and generally got messy and had a good time having no idea where I was going.  Once that was dry I tore the page into strips and inked the edges.
Still nothing was springing to mind as to where to go from there!! 
So yet again I wasted quite a bit of time moving the day spaces around on the sheet to try and decide how I was going to lay they out.  They looked so nice piled on the table that I though I would try and do something like that on the page.
However before that I needed to do the background so out came the inks again and I sprayed, stenciled, splattered and dripped and came up with a background I was happy with, adding a bit of ink blended round the edges to finish it off. 
Having got this far I was stumped as to what to use for a focal point to wandered of to have a coffee!!! LOL
While enjoying my coffee my eyes landed on my Christmas goody stash and sitting on the top of the pile was this bottle Die, christening it seemed like the way to go.
So I cut out the bottles in canvas and coloured them using distress ink pads and stabilo write all pencils.  
I had come across quite a few quotes over Christmas that I liked and wanted to use but this one seemed the most appropriate to the way I was feeling.
So firing up my sisters computer I printed the labels, quote and the Jan & 2014 sign, with a hasty prompt from Julie to make is 2014 not 2013 LOL! and inked the edges.
So finally with much stopping and staring and general prating around I managed to put the page together, finishing off with some shadows round the day spaces and highlights on the bottle.  I was going to put crackle glaze over the bottles to make them look more like glass but I like them as they were, so used the glaze on the 2 signs instead!!
Much to my surprise, after not really getting into the whole thing I ended up with a page that I was really pleased with.  
I'm hoping that I will manage to get a few more projects done at home in my own craft area this year so that I don't struggle so much with the lack of mojo!!!
Wish me luck!!
Have a happy crafty year!!