Saturday, 19 March 2016

Tracy Scott workshops - Artful words & Doodle Journal Pages

Hi guys!!!
Just a quick post about the 2 workshops I did last weekend at AFTH with Tracy Scott.
First day we looked at letters and words to form patterns to create a page!! 
This was my page - I had intended to do more to it at home but each time I go to do anything I think I rather like it as it is!! so for now it will stay like this!!  

The second day Tracy showed us different ways to set up a page to create doodle art!!!  I was a bit worried about this one as I don't really doodle much - I wish I did more but I'm not very good at it!!  But as I never practise its hardly surprising that I don't get any better lol!!!!
I only had the basic colour shapes and about 4 sections doodled when I took it home.  So I sat it on my craft desk and expected than I would do nothing with it and it would end back on the shelf with my other journals!!!!
For once I was wrong.  
Every day during the week I would sit down for a few minutes and add a little bit more to it.  Until today when I decided 'I think its done'!!!

I have to say I am rather proud of myself as I never thought that I would ever doodle a double page spread and actually like it!!! 
Well I have!! 
There are bits of it I don't like and bits that I love but as a whole I think it works.
I have definitely found some doodles that I really like doing and now I just hope that I will keep doing a little bit on other pages so that I build up a bank of doodles that I love to do!!!  That way when I feel that a page I'm working on needs some doodling I wont feel daunted and walk away!!!
Thanks so much Tracy you have really helped me with my doodling skills!!!
Have a great day guys!!

Friday, 18 March 2016

Art workshops - Marta Lapkowska weekend of workshops

Hi folks!
 I thought I would just pop in and show you what a great weekend I had at the Art Workshop at the beginning of the month!!
Our amazing tutor Marta Lapowska did 5 classes for us over the Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday!!

Here are my creations!!!

'The Power of Freedom' Coloured Journal Page

We used Marta's own stamps on these - they were great!!

Me working on the journal page.

'Library of souls' Altered Journal Cover

I loved the techniques we used to add all the texture to the background of the cover of this journal!!

'Abstract Harmony' Art Journal Page

I was really struggling with the technique on this page and just couldn't seem to get the hang of it!! As shown by the expression on my face lol! The lovely Sue wasn't going to post this picture but I thought it was too funny not to!!!
Also its a great picture of Marta trying to sort me out!!  Which she did!!

I had gessoed 3 pages and some how ended up using page 4?!?!? it was one of those days!! hee hee!!
Marta thank you so much for your patience and skill!!! x

So rather than finishing the first I did a second page just to make sure I had got the technique sussed! 
So I have 2 double page spreads that I will find time to finish!!

'Tiny Art'

Partially done.....

Finished project!  Love it!!

'Captured Memories' Mixed Media Page 

I had to do some finishing touches when I got home because I ran out of time and energy in class!!
I am so pleased the way it turned out!! 

It was a fabulous weekend filled with friendship and fun; creativity and chocolate; laughter and loveliness!!!

Thank you so much Sue and the A team for looking after us to your usual high standards and Sue I have to say I am so please that you talked Marta into coming to us for her first teaching experience in England!!!

Marta you are an amazing lady and I cant wait until we can do it all over again!!! Hugs xx

If you would like to see more of Marta's creations check her out on youtube at Maremi SmallArt  

If you would like to see what other amazing tutors Sue is going to bring to the North East check out her facebook page HERE or message her to see if there are any places left on up coming workshops!!

I hope you all have a very creative weekend!!!

xxxx hugs xxxx