Saturday, 19 March 2016

Tracy Scott workshops - Artful words & Doodle Journal Pages

Hi guys!!!
Just a quick post about the 2 workshops I did last weekend at AFTH with Tracy Scott.
First day we looked at letters and words to form patterns to create a page!! 
This was my page - I had intended to do more to it at home but each time I go to do anything I think I rather like it as it is!! so for now it will stay like this!!  

The second day Tracy showed us different ways to set up a page to create doodle art!!!  I was a bit worried about this one as I don't really doodle much - I wish I did more but I'm not very good at it!!  But as I never practise its hardly surprising that I don't get any better lol!!!!
I only had the basic colour shapes and about 4 sections doodled when I took it home.  So I sat it on my craft desk and expected than I would do nothing with it and it would end back on the shelf with my other journals!!!!
For once I was wrong.  
Every day during the week I would sit down for a few minutes and add a little bit more to it.  Until today when I decided 'I think its done'!!!

I have to say I am rather proud of myself as I never thought that I would ever doodle a double page spread and actually like it!!! 
Well I have!! 
There are bits of it I don't like and bits that I love but as a whole I think it works.
I have definitely found some doodles that I really like doing and now I just hope that I will keep doing a little bit on other pages so that I build up a bank of doodles that I love to do!!!  That way when I feel that a page I'm working on needs some doodling I wont feel daunted and walk away!!!
Thanks so much Tracy you have really helped me with my doodling skills!!!
Have a great day guys!!

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