Thursday, 10 October 2013

CC102 & Alcohol Inks

Hi guys - well I have surprised myself - 3 posts in one week!!! Don't faint, I probably wont happen again.
I have taken some time this week to sign up and do Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry 102.  I did 101 last year and totally love it so it was a no brainer for this one!!
If you have done 101 and haven't signed up for 102 get yourself over to this link Creative Chemistry 102.  Its $25 dollars which works out at about £17 and totally worth the money.
I haven't used the alcohol inks much apart from on the jewellery I posted earlier on this week.  I couldn't really get any nice results which I thought I could use on any of my projects!!!
Well today's class was all about alcohol - inks not drinks!! 
I totally love some of the things I have done with them.
My nod to Halloween!
Loved the colours on this one but the camera doesn't pick up all the gold!
They are much nicer in real life as they shine and shimmer!
I have made all of my attempts into tags so that I end up with a tag technique book so I haven't finished them off but I think they it wouldn't take much to finish them off and they would look so cool!
Hope you try something new this week while creating.
Have fun xxxx

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Alcohol Ink Jewellery!

Ok guys just another quick post this week.  
One of the groups I'm in does a monthly challenge and this month its based on using Alcohol inks.  
So here is something different I have done with the inks.
I made some clay Jewellery pieces and fired them in the kiln to 1250 degrees.  
Then coloured them with neat alcohol ink and sealed them.
What do you think?

I might try some more unusual shapes next time and use them on a canvas!

Have fun and try something different this month with supplies you already own!!
xxx hugs xxx

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

October Calendar Journal Page - LATE!

Hi everyone - here is me finally managing to finish and blog Octobers journal calendar page.  So say I'm behind is an understatement!! Ive been a bit stressed and tasks have been falling by the wayside but I was determined to get this finished and filled in up to date!
So today all other jobs have had to wait till I got this finished.
So here is the masterpiece LOL!  I wish!!
Ok I did a nice ink spray background at the beginning of last month and then it sat there not touched for weeks.  
I got some fab downloads off Deviant Scrap and this lovely lady was out of one of the collections by Xquizart - ok she did come with a pretty head, which I mercilessly cut off and replaced with the skull!!!! It suited my mood better!
I then stamped round the top edges with a foliage stamp and decided that I wanted to do some stitching on it.  So out came my very old sewing machine which seemed determined to eat or snap the thread, but after 30 frustrating minutes I managed to get the edging and the day shapes done.
Some stamping with Tim Holtz alphabet stamps and his bird gave it a nice subdued looked.
I came across the quote by Dr Seuss and I fell in love with it and thought it would go on this page very well.
So with the quote and the figure stuck on and some green outlining it was done.
I can believe how much I like it - it felt like such a struggle getting it done that I got to the stage where I didn't care what it looked like I just wanted it finished.  
I guess that goes to the state of mind it was in!!!
As always I was helped through the process by my 2 cats,  Mishka and Marble.
  (Mishka was even determined to get into the act when I was trying to photograph it!!)

Don't you just love all the help you get!!! LOL
Have a great week and I hope your creativity flows this month!!
Take care