Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Delightful doodling!

Hi everyone hope your having a great week.
Though I would pop on a couple of pictures of a Doodle journal that I made at one of Kate Cranes workshops!!! Love this lady she is so creative!!!
She had us make up a journal and try different techniques on each page.
Here's my front cover.

and a couple of the pages from inside with some of my of the doodles I use to do when I was at school LOL.

All of the pages are works in progress and I will add to them when I have time and inclination. 
I have already added a few more pages with some prompt on to remind me what to try on that page.
I'm going to love filling it up!  I think it will end up looking gorgeous and will be a good reminder of all the different things that can be done with doodling.
So if you haven't done much doodling, pick up a pen and give it a go - you might find you are a natural at it and you will create some wonderful art!!! If nothing else its really relaxing!!
ENJOY!!!! xxxxxx

Monday, 15 July 2013

Make your own journal

Hi everyone I was lucky enough recently to go on a Journal making workshop weekend at AFTH with my sister.  Its the first weekend like this we have done together and we had a great time.
If you every get the chance to have a go at making your own journal, do it because it is so much fun creating them from scratch !   

I will add to them as and when time and energy allow!
Hope you all get a chance to be creative this week.
Have fun!


Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Journal Day

Hi everyone just a flying post today.
Had a lovely day at Journalling at AFTH recently, we got to play with the newly arrived Amsterdam acrylic paints which was fun!!

With some secret journaling which we coloured to match the background we created some of our own trees.
Mine just needed a fish in it - sometimes they do you know!!!
Have a great week!

Monday, 8 July 2013

July Calendar Journal Page - Late!

Hi folks - sorry I haven't been posting much lately time seems to be slipping away from me at an ever increasing rate!!! I'm sure you all know the feeling!!
Had a struggle getting July's calendar page done as haven't seemed to have any time so have tried to do it in dribs and drabs with limited resources where ever I am. 
So this is what I ended up with!

Background done with the ever present Dylusions inks with some mica/ink mix splattered on!  So I had the background done for a while it was the rest that sometime to finish.  10 minute blocks don't get you much further forward I've found!  LOL
So using my favourite black pen of the minute I drew in the squares but unfortunately was very tired at the time so as you can see they went a bit wonky.  Never mind wonky is good!!!  I then scribbled in  the title and the quote.  
Next I used some some pastels (a frequently overlooked tin which I have had for ever - but will be using more in the future!) to add some additional colour, shadows and highlights and it was finished.
Probably only took about an hour in total but seemed to go on for weeks!!!
Now have to catch up filling it in!!!! 
Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine!!!!
Hugs xxxxx