Thursday, 12 March 2015

'Live your life in Colour' - canvas workshop with Tracy Scott

As I told you in one of the recent posts there has been some new tutors at AFTH and one of them is Tracy Scott.  I have already done a post about the fast and fabulous class I did with her but now I want to show you the canvas class we did with her last week!!!
I'm always a bit nervous doing canvases - for some reason I find them rather daunting!! Which is probably why the only canvases I have ever done have been ones in a workshop where I am talked through the process step by step.  One of these days I will step right out of my comfort zone and do one myself - but it wont be this week lol!!!!

Though at times I struggled with the process I'm rather pleased with the end result.  Hand drawn flowers, painting and having to do large letters in my own writing should have been enough to send me into a panic, but thanks to Tracy's lovely calm teaching style I didn't.  She talked me through the bits I struggled with and encouraged us to try the bits we weren't sure about and at the end of the day all of the canvases looked amazing and so very different.
I love the vibrant colours and for once I didn't end up turning it too grungy!!!
I hope you all have a great week!
xxx hugs xxx 


  1. Such pretty colour Donna and I am impressed if you drew the flowers. I struggle with a stich man.x

    1. Thanks! to be honest the only way I managed the flowers was because I was copying what Tracy was doing lol!! I dont really do flowers xxx


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