Friday, 29 May 2015

Index Card Art Worshop with Tracy Scott

Hi Folks I hope your all doing well!
As usual I am behind on my blog posts so I am going to try and catch up on them over the weekend so I apologise now if you get a few together.
Last month I was back at my home from home AFTH doing another workshop with Tracy Scott.  I have done several classes with her now and love not only her creativity but also the way she teaches!!
 She is a great lady and she makes the classes so much fun but you also learn a lot!!!
Tracy has done the 'Index card a day challenge' run by Daisy Yellow where you create art on an index card every day for 2 months  and she wanted to pass on some of her ideas for creating quick art at this small size.  
This is what I produced in the day - most of them are not finished but quite a lot of them don't need much more done to them.  I was amazed how quickly I can create small pieces of art just using a small range of supplies - also how different they turned out!

I'm going to join Daisy Yellow on the 1st of June (gulp that's in 2 days time) to challenge myself to create something every day for 2 months!! After doing these cards with Tracy I know that doing this challenge will give my flagging MOJO the boost that it needs!
Why don't you give it a try - you might be surprised by what you can make!! Click this Daisy Yellow link to take you to the challenge.
Have fun guys!!

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