Sunday, 31 May 2015

France Papillon Workshop weekend at Middlesburgh in May


At the beginning of this month the lovely Mrs Sue Tucker of Art Workshops arranged for the wonderful France Papillon to return and do another weekend of workshops for us, after her doing her first teaching session in the UK with us at the end of last year!!!!  Fortunately we didn't scare her off and she returned to give us another truly inspirational weekend of classes!!
We did 2 half day workshops on the Saturday and a full day on the Sunday!! and when I say a full day I mean it!! France really packs the time full of techniques, information and most of all creative fun!!!
Once again I encourage you to attend one of her workshops if you have the chance or if that's not possible have a look at her blog and website as she has done many videos that are wonderful!! Its great to be able to see how she produces her own art!!!  I could watch and listen to her for hours!!
On the Saturday morning we did 'wishful chronicles - an art journaling tag book'  This is mine!!  not finished but I love it!!  Fast creative fun!

In the afternoon we did 'tell a tale' - and made a stamp storage book!!  I loved doing all the details and layers on this book cover!!!  Need to make some more so I have a set for all of my clear stamps!!! (wishful thinking maybe???)

Then on to the Sunday we did 'altered possibilities' - and we made a Coptic bound journal from scratch and did some journal pages in the afternoon to christen it!!!

Seeing as how I primarily do journaling, I loved this project!! I wanted to run home and make more of my own journals but I'm struggling to get decent watercolour paper without having to spend and arm and a leg lol!!!
As you can see I wasn't kidding when I said France workshops are well packed!!
Yet another inspirational, exciting weekend!!
Thanks as always to Sue for having the vision to start doing these workshops in the North East and for getting us such amazing tutors, and to the A team who make the days run smoothly with their efficient setting up!!
Not least a huge thank you to France for coming all the way over here again to share some of her time, knowledge and love of creating with us!!!
Ok when is she back again?!?!?!  LOL
Have a great week everyone!!

PS if anyone has suggestions of where I can get reasonable priced hot press smooth watercolour paper I would appreciate hearing about it!!!   Thanks in advance!! 

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