Saturday, 30 May 2015

Face-ing your fears - Whimsy Faces workshop with Tracy Scotts

Hi Everyone - well in my last post I was raving about the wonderful Tutors we get at AFTH and Tracy Scott is one of them.  However she lives quite a long way for AFTH so she has started to come up and do 2 day workshops over a weekend!! Makes sense for her because of all the travelling and is awesome for us because we get a double dose of her teaching - which makes me very happy!!
So we did the Index cards on the Saturday and moved on to Whimsy faces on the Sunday.
She talked us through the basics of drawing a face and had us do a couple of practise runs and then went on to the main piece done in out journal!!
These are what I created!!

This final piece still needs a bit more added to it but I'm very pleased with how she turned out!!
Thanks Tracy for an all round wonderful creative weekend!!

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  1. Fantastic faces looks like you had lots of fun in class. Thanks for sharing x


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