Thursday, 1 May 2014

May Calendar Journal Page

Hi everyone - well here we are at the beginning of another month and I have just managed to get this months calendar done!!!
Ok I have to say at this point I don't like it.....Yet!!!!!  This month I think is going to be a work in progress. 
I decided to stop for now because I think I've been looking at it too long and I still cant see what to do with it to make it feel more finished for me!!
I like it better than I did an hour ago and I'm hoping by tomorrow I will like it more or will have come up with something to tie it all together!!

I started by using bits and piece that have been sitting around for a while - just bits of half done 'things!!
The background has loads of layers as I started off with spraying and dribbling inks over a month ago.  Each time I looked at it again I sprayed or splatted something else that come to hand.  Next time it was a bit of stamping and some mica, so its a real hotch potch!!!
The bird was a card that I had in my 'Journal Soup' box on my desk which I made after doing a workshop with Dina Wakley about adding animals to your art. (I will get round to blogging about those wonderful workshops one of these days lol). It was just a bit of a play using gloss card and a printed image.
'May' I cut out of a piece of inked card which has been in my paper stash box - like forever!!! And it seemed to go with the over all colour way.
So I put the heavy elements on, the month and the bird card and realised I had no clue as to how I was going to do the day spaces.
After much pratting about and fiddling I got my old faithful write all pencil and started to mark out the spaces, I hate it when I miss count and can't fit them all in.  But the marking turned to scribbling and the application of a water brush blurred the pencil a bit more and suddenly I had rather messy spaces.  They looked too light weight compared to the other elements so I scribbled over them with a glaze pen.
It still doesn't quite work - but its getting there.
I wonder what it will look like by the end of the month when I have finished writing something for each day and adding other touches to try to make it 'feel right'?!?!?
Well its going to be a bit of a journey!!
I hope you all get time to express your creative side this month!!
Happy May guys!!!

P.S. as I finished the post I thought of something that I thought might make a difference.  You will probably all think Im mad but all I did was added some black distress paint round the edge of the page and it made a big difference for such a small thing!! I know you can hardly see the difference but i'm happier now!!


  1. Actually, I love your May page. It is so colorful and hopeful. I also like that you used scraps and kept going over the layers until you liked what you had. And I like it, too. All those layers add so much depth you can't get from a single layer. Happy May to you because I love how you finished it off with the word MAY!!!

  2. Maybe that was it - it just needed framing with the black ink. Hope you are happier now we are 10 days into the month?



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