Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Winged canvas

Hi folks!
I was lucky enough at the weekend to get to a workshop at AFTH to do a canvas with Michelle Webb.
We had a great time!!
We didnt managed to get the canvas finished in class as there was lots of layers involved in the background as well as to create the wings, but I made time this week to finish it!
So here is my version.
I added a few tweeks of my own,
Including the addition of some gold chair, and some treasure gold.
I love it.
I use to be very nervous about doing canvases but I have done a few now and find I am getting more comfortable with the process.  
One of these days I will even try to design one on my own and see how it turns out!!
Have a great week!!!


  1. Well done Donna, I love it! That background is sublime :) You could easily design your own now, you must be used to my method by now too. I'll look forward to seeing it :) Michelle xx

    1. Thank u for being such an amazing tutor and for coming up with such great projects! X x


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