Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Doodled Hair!

Hi guys I hope you are all enjoying March!
Here is a journal page that I did in 4 parts.  
1) the background was a blended background I made using the spare paint I had on some baby wipes when I was painting another page - I don't like to waste anything.
2) months later I wiped off spare ink from a stencil with a baby wipe onto this page and created this circle of squares.
3) a couple of months ago in journaling class I cut this face out of a magazine and glued it on to the page and using black painted in the hair tendril's and did the doodling with a white signo pen.
4) then lastly - just last week I added more doodling in red and gold and finally did some writing on the page!!

I love making pages like this because they are not planned.  You just mop up, or wipe off into your journal and backgrounds are created without any plan to use them.  Then later they get added to!! this way these journal pages have a journey of there own.  
I love when I get one of these finished.
Have a go, find a part done page and finish it!! Don't worry about planning it just grab what's in front of you on your craft desk and see what wonders you create!!
Hope you all have a happy creative month!
XXX hugz XXX


  1. Donna it is always a treat to see what you're up to. I haven't stopped by in a while. I hope you're doing well :) Great use of left over materials. I have trouble wasting bits and pieces too. The hair is wild and fantastic. LOVE it!

    1. Hi Ryn - thanks, I'm glad you popped by. I'm a terrible hoarder so it's great when I find things to do with my 'junk'! Hope all is well with you. Hugs xxx


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