Tuesday, 8 January 2013

P.S to first calendar page of 2013

Hi in my last post I said I really wasn't pleased with my January calendar page, it was a struggle to do with limited resources and because I was so tired I kept making mistakes.  I was so pleased when I got it finished even if I didn't like it!!
However next morning I realised I had made another mistake which I hadn't noticed! I had spelt 'breathe' with out the 'e'!!!
As one of my friends reminded me in the words of Tim Holtz 'embrace your imperfections'.
Well I tried, I really did, but that missing 'e' continued to bug me.
So finally this morning I did a bit more to the page and added the offending letter.  
I did some doodling and added a bit of stickles at the top of the hearts and some stamping on the background, hoping that these small changes would make me like the page - it didn't!!! Must be the state of my head at the moment - definitely got the after xmas blues!!! LOL.
I realised that I hadn't filled in any of the days, which is a surprise as I did every day last year, but I realised that was my negative thoughts about the page stopping me from doing it. 
 I did briefly consider throwing it away and starting again but when I started doing the altered art and art journaling 2 years ago I promised myself that I would throw nothing away because you can always come back to things late and find a great use for them.
So I am sticking with the page as it is now and I will fill in the missing days tonight.  I'm going to write using white pen so I think that will make a big difference to how the page looks.
In year to come when I look back I will probably find that I like it with hind sight!!!
So here it is January revised!!!

I love the sentiment and I'm going to try and follow it during the year.


  1. I can't understand why you don't like it... It is lovely. I too can't do with spelling mistakes and have to correct them if I make any.. that is the teacher in me. Cheer up 'twil soon be spring xx

  2. I am with you on changing the spelling as that irk's me too but as for the page itself I think it looks great! Glad you did not throw it away!


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