Sunday, 22 July 2012

Green ideas

Life has been fairly full on recently and my energy levels have been low so I haven't had much chance to do some new work.  A few backgrounds and keeping up with my calendar journal page are all that I have managed.  So I thought I would show you another page out of my 'Thoughts to ponder' journal.

As always the ever present Dylusions inks and stamps but I also added in some of Lavinia stamps beautiful vines.  The little green man was cut out of a magazine.
Hope you all find time to be creative in the coming week!! Have fun xxx


  1. Lovely just lovely ... Did you write your quote on paper and stick it down, or did you mask the area?

    1. Thanks. Wrote and stuck - easier!! I find that I often dont plan ahead enough to mask areas off. Most of the time I start a page off then just see where it goes

  2. I love this donna - all of it, esp the concept of 'just do it' muchos love xxx


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