Saturday, 4 April 2015

Dyans Regular Journal Workshop - April

Hi everyone - yesterday I was at my home from home AFTH doing the regular journal workshop with Dyan!!  
With it being Easter Friday not only were we being creative but cakes and chocolates had been bought in so as you can imagine we had a really tough day. LOL
Dy had us doing some secret journaling then using her paints and magazine images or her stamps to create a page.
This is the page I did.

I had a mop up page which had turquoise and green spray on it and some stencil cleaning on it too so I wrote all over it with a pencil.  Then to make sure that it was secret journaling I used an old credit card to scrape some of Dys white paint all over the page.  It mixed with the inks a little bit as they are reactive to water but that was fine as all I was trying to do was to disguise the writing.  As Dys paints are semi translucent it misted out what had been already on the page and lightened it all up,
I then used Dylusions black paint (which is opaque and covers wonderfully with very little paint) and a round blending tool to add the black round the edges and blended it in to the middle.
(**using this white paint to cover over a background is good if you have  background that you dont like or is too bright for you to do something with!! As it leaves some of the previous layers showing through but gives you change to work on top of it with out totally losing all previous work!**)
In the envelope in the front of my journal (it was my Dylusions journal) I already had some images, quotes and magazine images  cut out.  So I went through those and came up with this image.  I also put some others together and put them on other backgrounds in my book and I will finish them later.
I used a collage glue stick to glue down the image and quote.  
I used a Molotow black paint pen to add the lettering and the beads to form the bracelet then a white Signo pen to add the white dots.  I have some water pens with Dylusions inks in them and used those to colour some of the letters on the quote.  I outlined the image using a black pen and a Stabilo write all pencil to create some shadows and added a bit of orange colour with wax crayons round the inside of some of the letters.
After I took this picture I added a few drops of stickles to the image to add a bit of bling!!
Hope you like it.
Have a great Easter!!

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