Sunday, 17 August 2014

August Calendar Journal Page

Hi Folks - sorry its been so long since I blogged and I'm very very late putting up my calendar journal page!!
But there is a story about this one.....OK I know when isn't there but this one was me at my ditsy best!!!
I was running late getting the page done and it was already 7 days into the month, so I grabbed a bit of time over a couple of days and got cracking with the page.  Got it finished by about the 9th or 10th... took some pictures and happily started to put it on facebook.  
Had the post all ready to put up when I realised that I had done September instead of August!!! 
I couldn't believe it!! 
So I thought no problem I will take off the September note and put august in its place - then I realised for the first time in a while I had put the data squares in order and of course I would be one short!!! 
So back to the drawing board... and trying to grab a few minutes here and there again and this is what I came up with!
Very different from what I normally do!! 

So in a state of panic I started looking through my background paper stash box hoping that something would jump out so I could do another calendar journal page this month - but quickly!! 
whilst scrabbling frantically I came across a scrap of paper which I had obviously used to protect other pages when I was blending with a distress ink tool and it was covered in random colours and lines going in all directions - it looked quite cool (I imagine that's why I kept it) so I thought I would give it a go doing it intentionally!!
So a stack of different coloured distress ink pad and blending took in hand I got started.  (I have to say the sheet I used to blend against turned out looking great on its own as well!!)
After I was happy with my blending I tried to find out what would work for the squares.  I tried different thinks but found I didn't want to cover up the background, so out came the stamps.  
Piles of them later I found this square one and thought it would be perfect.  Only realising after I started stamping that there was a gouge dug out of the top left corner!! Well I had started so I had to finish!! as it turns out I really like the little flaw on the stamp!!!
So happy with how it was looking I tried different things for the title and all of it looked way to heavy on top of this background.  After a long frustrating time, I decided to leave it be and go back to it the next day.
I usually don't like to use my own writing and drawing on my pages because I invariable find my self unhappy with the end result, but I do keep trying hoping that eventually with enough practise I will be able to start pulling it off.  So feeling rather brave I started to draw the title on in pencil! It looked right so I went over in in pen......oh it now didn't look right - the line wasn't heavy enough but anything I tried on a spare piece of paper didn't look like it would work either!
  So finally I settled on the second line and was pleased with how that looked.  To try and emphasise the letters I went back to the blending tool and added one colour on one side of the lines and another on the others!!
It looked strange but it was happy with this weirdly angular page (I normally prefer curves not angles!!)
So for the first time in nearly 3 years I have forced myself to do 2 pages in one month due to my cotton wool brain!!!
I hope you all have a great month and don't find yourself being as ditsy as me!! lol
xxxx hugs xxxx

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  1. Love the page, bright and colourful but should look really good once it is all filled in.



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