Friday, 28 February 2014

Update to Concertina Lunch Bag Journal

Hi everyone hope your all looking forward to the weekend!
I thought I would do another post on the Concertina Lunch bag journal which I blogged about earlier on this month as I have done more to it and it looks very different now.
I continued pretty much in the vein that I had started and would just take a few minutes here and there to add bits and pieces or do a bit of doodling!!
I found that as I looked through all the craft stuff that I have stashed round my craft desk that thinks would really jump out and I would think 'I like that'.  When this happened I had to use it in the journal.  I didn't allow my self more than a few minutes to think about it before I had to stick it down.
It is a very different way to work from how I normally do.  As I'm usually all about the backgrounds then its a case of trying to rake something out that I think will look good on the top of it!
This time more often than not I was working with blank pages and had to build something from there.
In some cases my eyes would land on some supplies that I hadn't used yet or had used very rarely and they got thrown into the mix.
So here is what it looks like now!

Some of the pages are finished (for now) some I know what I'm going to do to finish them, I just need to find the energy to do it and others will continue the random journey!!!
I have loved doing it!
Thanks Kate for getting me started!!!
Happy play time everyone!!

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