Friday, 7 February 2014

Concertina Lunch Bag Journal

Hi everyone - happy Friday!!
Ive had a bit of a rough week this week as I've not been too well! Disappointing as I had hoped to set some time aside to do some crafting in my own little craft area!
So frustration struck mid week and I just needed to do something that I could do quickly and with low energy expenditure so I came up with this!!
(back story!!) Last weekend I was lucky enough to go to a Kate Crane workshop at AFTH.
She had us make this wonderful concertina lunch bag journal.  We got inky and painty by doing a background on deli paper and used that to collage the front and back cover and to add details inside the journal.  Then with the addition of some sewing put the cover together and stitched in the signatures.  It was a really lovely day.
I often find when I do these journal that I like them so much as they are that I do no more to them after the class.  However during the week I had signed up for Kate's Journal soup online class (well worth doing - only £10) and was watching the video for that and loved her use of scraps.
So with limited energy I decided to rake through my scraps - of which I have draws full - and use them to add additional details to this journal.  I have scraps of paper, images I've cut out, thinks I've stamped and coloured for other projects but never used, you name it I have it.  I'm a classic pack rat!! lol.
So 30 minutes after I started rummaging and sticking this is what the journal looked like.


As you can see its now a mish mash of anything I could find and I am rather surprise to say that I really like it!!  It was very quick and very liberating not worrying about whether things went together or not and just bunging them in!!!
I'm going to continue in the same vein - because as you can see there is still loads of blank pages - I might even do some paint or colour effects on some of the pages!! I'm just going to see how I feel at the time!!
Give it a try guys - it really is speed journalling LOL.
Have a great weekend!!

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