Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Small colour block journal page

Hi folks hope all is well in your world and that you are managing to find some creative time for yourselves.  I've found a little but not as much as my creative side would like.  So I have been finishing off some pages which have been in the making since I started journalling 3 years ago this month!! cant believe its been that long - also cant believe the changes that I have gone thorough in that time.
Anyway on with the page!

Rather different than anything else that I have done.  
I came across the nearly completed page recently and decided to add a few finishing touches.  I was going to doodle patterns in all the coloured areas but after I had filled in 2 of them I decided that I liked it the way it was and just left it.
So I scribbled a random pencil line over the page then painted in each shape in different colours.  
I then had a look to see if I could see anything in the shapes and these 2 figures popped out LOL.  
So I did some shading and highlights in each section and used a dark pencil to outline the main shapes.
Then drew in the features and did a little writing. With the addition of some doodling it was done.  I had thought of putting a quote on it but I keep looking at it and just think its fine the way it is.
Anyway I hope you have a chance to have a go at this yourself - its fun to do and took me back to my childhood.
Have a great week!

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