Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Long lost journal page

Hi everyone - because I have been struggling to fine the time and energy to do much creating I have been trying to finish off some of the pages I have half done.
Here is one I tripped over the other day.

The background was originally stated just under 3 years ago.  It was mostly mop ups and blot offs as I was doing other pages. Its got loads of layers of inks and paints.  Then over time a couple of new stamps were tested out on it.  Then earlier this year I was playing with stencils so the figures got added.
So last week when I found it I realised that it only needed a little more to finish it off. 
So some doodling, stamping over the printed figure and a quote and it was all finished.
I am now looking for more pages that are partly done like this because they only take about 20 minutes to finish off and I feel like I have achieved something, where as if I tried to start a new project it would be another thing that would be added to the 'to finish pile'  which is now teetering dangerously and one of these days I will be buried by it LOL.
Have fun xxx

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