Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Journal class challenge - first page

Hi, I want to do a post to show you one of the pages that we did at journal class last week.  As our intrepid leader is away in America - she left us a challenge: to attempt doing things out of our comfort zone.  So to use colours we wouldn't normally, and stamp which wouldn't be our first choice - or things cut out of magazines if we weren't comfortable with that and she left us a selection of quotes to choose from.  So with this in mind we started the day!!
After rather a struggle this is what I ended up with!

I picked red and blue inks to use because thought I often use turquoise I don't use true blue and I never seem to use red at all - I have to say I didn't feel it went well.  
I didn't like the basic background - did a bit of stamping on it - which improved it a little but I wasn't convinced.  
So I decided to move on to using a very nice she art stamp - not something I would normally use but I thought I would give it a go.  I coloured her in with inks and really like her - but she so did not work on the red/blue background.  So I decided to put her aside also to use at another time.
Next I found these lovely new Stampotique monsters - (which I would use normally LOL) but decided as the page wasn't going well I would play around colouring them.  Did the first 2 - orange and blue and didn't like them on the page either - but I decided I would just go ahead and do some more and use them regardless!!  But I did use my own hand writing on the quote - which I don't often do.
So all in all it was rather a struggle. 
 I don't normally find it that difficult but I think I made it harder for myself by choosing 2 such strong colours for the background - if I had used red orange and yellow the colours would have blended easier.  Still it was a good challenge and stretched me a bit so I will try and do some more using blue and red just to make myself more comfortable with them.  If  I hadn't been doing the challenge I think I would have put my balloon monsters (which I love) on a different background and left this one until such time as I found something that I felt worked on it!!
In my next post I will show you what I did with the she art lady!!
Happy creating


  1. Well I think it is lovely and cute and the colours look just fine to me xx

  2. Awesome, I enjoyed this very much.

  3. Wow! Looks like inspiration has come to visit ;) What a strange little character! Love it though. Love that they look like little balloons holding up the sentiment. Great colours as usual too!

  4. I love this page Donna - the background is great - you are being too hard on yourself and the vibrant little monsters are just to die for.


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