Thursday, 25 October 2012

Dylusional Challege

Hi this is the page I have done for the challenge that Dy set us on her art journal  facebook page.  The challenge was to use the new journal she has just bought out and to do a page (not using the first page) using orange and her spider stamps with the words 'new beginnings'.
No problem I thought and did the background using Dyslusional Ink sprays with a bit of perfect pearls mists - heirloom gold, thrown in for  bit of blink.  I was happy.  Unfortunately at that point my MOJO vanished - by the time 5 days had gone by and the dead line for the challenge was looming I figured I would have to sit this one out!!! 
However at the last minute I decided just to sit down and do something with it and see what would happen - if it didn't work I just wouldn't have put it in the the challenge.  Since last month when I did my very first drawing in my journal I have been wanting to find the courage to do some more so as I had given up hope of getting this page finished for the challenge I thought I would combine both and see what happened.  This was the result!!

I was so pleased after I had done the eyes that I nearly bottled it on the letter - well I was going to hand write it but that went out the window and out came the faithful stamps.  
I was well pleased with the results and submitted it for the challenge - only to realise that I had forgotten all about the poor spider.  So a hasty return to the stamp draw and on went mister spider.  As it turns out I think he finished it off nicely.  Think I might have got my MOJO back!! lol
Have a great week xx hugs xx


  1. What a fabulous page. Your 'eyes' are amazing!!!! just love all the techniques you have used. xxx

    1. Thanks Hun - im guite chuffed with my self having drawn the eyes straight into my journal - I was rather nervous so the initial lines were a bit shaky because I didnt want to spoil the background!! what am I like LOL xxx

  2. Love those green ink streaks and your color usage! Nice work as always Donna :)

  3. Love your page Donna - the eyes appearing from the centre of the cobwebs are amazing. I can never get eyes to be the same size! lol Susiesu xxx

  4. Oh, Donna... this is utterly and totally FABULOUS! Love love LOVE your eyes and how the colors move up the page. I thought I was already following you but just became your newest. Keep on playing in that journal, girl... you are a on a roll!

  5. This turned out wonderfully. Love all the layers going on.

  6. Those eyes are astonishing! Well done my lovely and also love the way they integrate with the webs. Brilliant! xxx

  7. Brilliant Donna, you should be pleased its excellent! Michelle x


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