Friday, 26 February 2016

Art Workshop - 'Lets go on an adventure' with Tracy Easson

Hi folks!!
The day after I did Sandra's Bothams atcs class I was back at another crafting workshop but this time is was at Middlesbrough and was taught by the wonderful Tracy Easson!!!
Tracy had come down to teach several workshops in our area last year but unfortunately I had never been able to get to any of them so I was delighted to finally get a chance to meet her and to take one of her classes!!
Sue Tucker the awesome organiser for Art Workshops had arranged a new venue for us at the end of last year and I was looking forward to seeing it.

It is an amazing space to create in, very light and airy and windows all around with the view of the river!!! fab location!!

Tracy got us going by starting the background on our boards.

While we were waiting to paint to dry Tracy had us trying our hand at using our paints to create little watercolour pictures!!! Here is my little play - so fun to do!!

After lunch we got stuck straight back into our projects!

Here is my final piece.  I still want to do loads of doodling on it but I love the way its coming along. 

 I even managed to paint in a little dog! Sort off lol!! 

Thanks so much Tracy for an amazing class!! I can't wait to see what you will have for us the next time you decide to venture to our side of the border!!!  
I hope its soon hun!

Thanks Sue and the A team for your high quality organisation skills!!!
Thanks Lady's for a lovely chilled out day!!!

Happy creating everyone!!
xxxx hugs xxxx


  1. Thank you Donna!! It was such a pleasure to finally meet you and have a good natter. I am loving your art work from your gorgeous puffy clouds ( love the one through the window) to your gorgeous furball woohooo! Thank you so much Donna for making my day. Much love and big hugs Tracy xxxxxx

    1. I was so happy to meet you too!!! and I loved the day and what you taught us, it was so much fun!!! I hoped to add a couple more doggies but I knew if I didnt get at least the basics finished it would never get done!! Im hopeless at finishing off at home lol!!! sending you love n hugs back!!! xxxx

    2. Your wee furball is perfect ....Mwaaaaaaaah big kisses xxxxxxxx


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