Friday, 13 February 2015

Dylusions Paint Play Time

Last week I was at a Journaling class at AFTH with Dyan Reaveley and we were lucky enough to get to play with some of her new Dylusions Paints which haven't been released yet in this country but should be here by the end of the month!!
Its always exciting to get the chance to try things before they are released.  Dy was also showing us how she has been using her new paints!!
We had a wonderful day playing and making loads of backgrounds - as you will see.  Now I just have to find the time to turn them into finished pages!! lol
Using the paints we decorated the covers of our journals!!  This is my front cover

and this is the back!!!  I have to say the black is awesome and covers beautifully and as with all these paints a little goes a long way.

These next 5 are layered backgrounds - I think the least number of layers is 4 and the most is about 10!!!!

On this double page spread in my small journal the page on the left is the main page and the right one is just a clean up page!! totally love it

These next pictures are all clean up pages.  Cleaning brayer, palette knife, stencils, baby wipes etc!

I am so looking forward to getting my hands on these wonderful semi-transparent paints!!  They are truly so much fun to use, if you have a change play with them you will see what I mean!!!
Happy paint playing!!!

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