Saturday, 8 November 2014

Be aware of happy accidents!

Hi everyone just another quick post re happy accidents.  While at one of Dina Wakleys workshops we were making quick backgrounds which we were going to draw faces on later.  This was on of mine.  It is done in an old accounts journal which has beautiful paper.  I put a thin layer of gesso on the page first then using my hands a rubber on some of Dina's heavy body paint in purple and green. Then using one of Dina's bird stencils I rubbed a bit of the paint off through the stencil. I then dribbled on Dylusions inks in purple and white and made them run.  I also splattered on some purple.  I set it aside to dry and use later for the faces.

When I went back to it I really like  the result and even though I returned to use it several times couldn't convince myself to draw any faces on as I felt like it was a finished piece in its one right.
So finally I accepted that I wouldn't use it for its intended purpose and added a bit of journaling in white paint using a fine line applicator across the paint and called it done!!
So try to always be aware - just because you start doing something for a particular purpose, if it decides some where along the ling that it wants to become something else, go with it, you will be surprised with some of the beautiful results you will get!!
Have fun! 

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