Friday, 7 September 2012

Mop Up Journal

Hi everyone, I'm feeling very proud of myself as I have made myself a journal using lots of my mop up pages!!!  

I have a box in which I store all the random pieces of paper which I use to mob up spare ink with when I'm making backgrounds.  I clean up stencils on them, stamps - so I don't waste anything!!!  So I decided I needed to use some of them up!
I made the front and back cover on canvas boards using Dylusions inks and Dylusions & Stampotique stamps as well.  
I then chose the mop up pages and cut them to size, as they are all different types of paper and card, some textured, some not, I decided I would stick them together back to back so that I could strengthen some of the pages up.
I then bound it with a 'Bind it all' and added the fibres onto the back page and onto the spine.  
As it is a Stampotique figure on the front I think I might make all the pages up using different stampotique images - well that's the idea at the moment, only time will tell if it stays that way!!!
Hopefully in the future I will show you some of these mop up pages as finished art journal pages!
Have a great, creative weekend!
I will leave you with some more images of the journal!

Inside front cover
Inside back cover


  1. Flippin brilliant idea and a fab looking journal in the making.

  2. Love all those backgrounds!

  3. dang it, now I really NEED a bind it all! LOL THis is lovely...just what i wanted to see...what the heck to do with all those pages. THANKS FOR SHARING!

    1. Heather - until you get a bind it all pumch 4 wholes down the back and use large metal rings to hold it together. It works a treat!

  4. Love it. Just waiting for my order to arrive to really get into Art Journalling.

  5. Loving it. Will def be giving this a go myself. X

  6. Wow thats what I need to do then instead of trying to do something with them straight away! then when only got 10 mins or so to play or am too tored to get everything out I can still play!!!!

    1. Thats exactly what I was thinking when I made this. I can just put in a border or stick in an image when I have a few minutes and the pages will slowly get built up!!!


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